Asia Network for Dance (AND+) is a network dedicated to connecting, developing and empowering contemporary practice in dance within Asia. Its missions are to share knowledge and information, expand connections for dance professionals and to strengthen the visibility of dance within and beyond Asia. The network is steered by a core group: a collective of passionate dance professionals who are committed to connect, to collaborate, to share and to lead the network’s vision and mission. AND+ is not a membership organisation and this network functions without hierarchical structure. It launched in Hong Kong in May 2018 during West Kowloon Cultural District Authority’s Producer Network Meeting & Forum.



AHRAM GWAK                            Korea National Contemporary Dance Company; South Korea

ANGELA CONQUET                    Producer & Researcher; Melbourne; Australia

ANNA CHAN                                Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts; Hong Kong

BILQIS HIJJAS                            MyDance Alliance & Rimbun Dahan; Malaysia

CLAIRE HICKS                             Critical Path; Australia

DANIEL KOK                                Independent artistDance Nucleus; Singapore

FAITH TAN                                   Esplanade Theatres By The Bay; Singapore

JACKY FUNG                               City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC), CCDC Dance Centre; Hong Kong

JALA ADOLPHUS                       Independent producer (Indonesia Correspondent)

JAYACHANDRAN PALAZHY    Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts; India

KATHY HONG                               Producer & Researcher; Taiwan

KAREN CHEUNG                         Secretariat of AND+, West Kowloon Cultural District Authority; Hong Kong

OPHELIA HUANG                        Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre, ACT Shanghai International Theatre Festival; China

SHINJI ONO                                  Yokohama Arts Foundation, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Number 1; Japan




West Kowloon Cultural District Authority
LaFun Photography
LaFun Photography


6th Meeting (online) Focus on Pan-Asia Initiatives & Indonesia, in conjunction with Indonesia Dance Festival NOV/DEC 2020

5th Meeting at Yokohama Dance Collection & Tokyo Performing Arts Meeting (Yokohama) FEB 2020

4th Meeting at da:ns festival, Esplanade & Dance Nucleus (Singapore); Rimbun Dahan & MyDance Alliance (Kuala Lumpur) OCT 2019

3rd Meeting at Dance Massive (Melbourne) MAR 2019

2nd Meeting at Taiwan Dance Platform, Weiwuying (Kaohsiung) NOV 2018

AND+ Official Launch and 1st Meeting at Producers' Network and Meeting Forum (Hong Kong) MAY 2018

Pre-launch Meetings in Yokohama, Jakarta and Hong Kong